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Spread the LOVE. . .
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Excursion to Tequila, Jalisco

Last Saturday Charles & I had one true 'Mexican Adventure'! We headed to the town of Tequila, 1 hour oustide of Guadalajara to visit the Sauza Family Museum and 'La Vila' - the beautiful agave plantation of friend Guillermo Erickson Sauza who is the 5th generation of Sauza's still making tequila the old fashioned way. The 'adventure' part was the movie-like bus ride to Tequila (which was not our original plan but we were on a tight schedule). The bus took twice as long to get us there but it was worth the ride. We were taken on a tour of the Sauza Family museum in the main square and then walked to 'La Vila' where agave and bougainvillea great you at every angle and rustic stone arches and cobblestone walkways pave your way. The original distillery is on this magnificent property and Charles & I were fortunate enough to get a tour of it. We also saw the 'cava' (cave) where the finished tequila barrels are stored, very fasciniting!

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