Spread the LOVE. . .

Spread the LOVE. . .
with gifts from the artisan's soul

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Viva! Verde (live green) in honor of Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day early last Saturday with our first Viva! Verde (live green) eVent at our store. We hosted a special trunk show with 'Acholi Beads' , the beautiful jewelry handmade from recycled paper by refugees from Northern Uganda. Local San Diegan, James Pearson started this wonderful company and he and his family were all on hand to showcase the beautiful beads and explain the story and mission behind them. Thank you James for the wonderful work you are doing to help the environment, sustain artisans, and support free trade!

We also gave out our 'Viva! Verde' cotton canvas reusable bag as a gift with purchase that night to encourage our customers to stop wasting the paper bags and tissue we use when packing up purchases. We still have more bags left so please come in and ask for one if you make a purchase of $50 or more. We will even donate a quarter to wecansolveit.org everytime you come back to shop with the resuable bag, which represents the cost of the bag and tissue. Also, if you request for us not to wrap your purchase we will also donate a quarter into our wecansolveit.org fund to go to the organization that Al Gore started to solve the climate crisis.

All of us at Aesthetyx are doing our best to be environmentally conscious, here are some things that we are currently doing:

1. Bringing our recyclables home to be recycled (unfortunately our Center does not provide this service).
2. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products which are biodegradable.
3. Not utilizing unecessary energy (just the essentials to operating the store - electricity for lights and equipment).
4. Using kraft paper bags which are recyclable.
**Our goal is to use less of these and encourage our customers to return with our Viva! Verde reusable canvas bags**
5. Recycling the packaging materials that accompany our shipments (reusing boxes, tissue, bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.)
6. Using solar powered lights outside where possible.
7. Using broken items and found objects for artwork (check out in-house artist Robin Nelson's environmentally friendly artwork currently in the store).

If you have any other ideas, comments, suggestions, or thoughts on how we can do more to help the environment please let us know! We all have to do our part to help our planet, after all it is home for all of us.

Viva! Verde