Spread the LOVE. . .

Spread the LOVE. . .
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fair Trade Month

Hopefully, all of that information from our post "Evolving to Fair Trade" has sunk in. We ask you kindly, to take on our mission for you this week. In honor of Fair Trade Month, we ask you to tell three friends about Fair Trade: What is it? What does it mean? Why should you buy it? You can also tell them where you buy you Fair Trade products, and encourage them to do the same. Throughout this month, events will be held around the country to celebrate Fair Trade Month. To find out what events are being held near you, or how to start an event yourself, head to the calendar on the Fair Trade Month website!

Have you attended a Fair Trade Month event already this month? Let us know about it! Comment on this post and tell us all about the event! Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Fair Trade with the world!

Happy Fair Trade Month!!!