Spread the LOVE. . .

Spread the LOVE. . .
with gifts from the artisan's soul

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Looking forward to 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to eXpress my thanX to everyone who has ever visited our store, website, and/or blog. We appreciate your interest in AESTHETYX and our social mission to showcase and sustain local and global artisans.

We are eXcited to work with more global artisans directly this year as well as socially proactive artisan businesses, non-profit organizations that help to sustain artisans and develop global economies, and local artisans who contribute to the world of handmade.

We strive to spread our artisan soul stories to all of you so that you can appreciate and understand them but can spread them to your friends & family and together we can help sustain artisans through word of mouth and commerce.

We will be relaunching our website early in 2010 to allow our customers to easily connect with us and if they have shopped in our brick & mortar store continue shopping with us. We will also use our website as a central place to keep you posted on all of our news, upcoming eVents, and new artisan stories.

ThanX again to all of you out there following us, we wish you a new decade of peace & prosperity!


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