Spread the LOVE. . .

Spread the LOVE. . .
with gifts from the artisan's soul

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Helping Haitian Artisans & Families

Living in California for the past 24 years I live with the threat of earthquakes and have eXperienced a few but nothing like what recently occurred in Haiti. Unfortunately sometimes it takes catastrophes like this to call us to action to help those in need. However we arrive at that point is different for all of us but we should celebrate getting there.

Organizations that we believe in are helping the Haitian people now and they all need additional support. Even a simple text that donates $10 can help towards recovery. We invite you to make a world of difference with one small action.

With our social mission being to help support and sustain local and global artisans we would like to ask for special help in assisting Haitian artisans rebuild their workshops so that they can continue to practice their crafts and trades. Artisans in Haiti are key to economic recovery so please help us help Aid to Artisans with their work in Haiti.

Please visit Save the Children's website to see how this amazing non-profit organization is helping the children dramatically effected by this earthquake.

These are just 2 simple ways we collectively can help make a difference in the lives of Haitian artisans and families.

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