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Spread the LOVE. . .
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Big Change for 2009

Happy New Year from all of us at Aesthetyx!

In 2004 we began our business in order to achieve a higher mission to create a socially responsible company that would give back. Inspired by the artesianias (arts and crafts) of Central Mexico, we decided to showcase and sell the work of worldwide artisans in order to help support and sustain these talented individuals and their families. Through the years, we have worked directly with many artisans to achieve this goal but, there is much more important work to be done.

Our goal is to be able to further assist artisans who do not have the means to market themselves and get their products to those who will appreciate them.

In line with our social mission we have decided to refocus the concept of
our Encinitas store to become 'Aesthetyx- an Artisan Gallery and
Showroom' beginning in February 2009. Together with the multinational
organization that unites Mexican non-profit, 'Barro sin Plomo' and Barro sin
Plomo USA (clay without lead), we will feature the work of many talented
artisans that this wonderful non-profit assists. Barro sin Plomo's (BSP)
mission is to end the use of lead in traditional Mexican pottery
substituting lead-free production methods which protect the health of the
artisans and their communities.

Within the new gallery we will continue to carry most of your favorite artisans in addition to the Barro Sin Plomo featured artisans. With our new concept we will be
phasing out some of our merchandise before we temporarily close
our Encinitas store location to do some remodeling January 19th - 31st.

Starting January 10th we welcome you to take advantage of some amazing 'AS IS'(items that may be slightly damaged and/or nicely repaired) deals sold at major discounts, as well as significant markdowns of 70-90% OFF select merchandise, and 10% OFF the ENTIRE STORE!

We look forward to having you eXperience our new concept this spring and
thanks again for your support of our store and our mission!

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onlaguna said...

I just picked up the 2 hairless dogs statues ("xoloitzcuintli" in Nahuatl)from artist Roberto Tirado. Thanks for the great deal and good luck on your remodel. I look forward to seeing your new place next month.