Spread the LOVE. . .

Spread the LOVE. . .
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Aesthetyx Experience No. 1

As some of you may have heard we are inviting you to join us this year for our our 'Aesthetyx Experience' trips. We will host our inaugural trip to Guadalajara February 17th - 22nd, 2008. If you are interested please e-mail us at judy@aesthetyx.com and we will be happy to forward you a copy of the itinerary. For those of you who cannot make it this February we are planning on 2 additional trips to Guadalajara and its' surrounding areas in June and November, both will be in conjunction with Art Shows that are scheduled. The June trip will be centered around 'Premio Ceramica' which is a national competition amongst potters from all over Mexico. The November trip will be centered around the 'Maestros del Arte' show featuring some of the 'Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art' from all over Mexico. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our interest list.

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